Construction Services

Watch your project grow from the ground up


Why use Rocky Sky?

  • Fast - Get your images the same day as they are taken!
  • Professional - High Resolution images and 4k video mean your sites will look amazing online or in print.
  • Affordable - Low rates with professional results. I guarantee you'll be satisfied with my service.
  • Accountable - Fully FAA 107 certified for commercial use and insured for $1,000,000 during all flights.
  • Experience - 15 years of digital photo/video production and 3 years flying with drones

Aerial Photography benefits:

  • Plan - Survey the site, get top-down shots of the whole area before breaking ground
  • Progress - Using GPS we can take the same pictures each visit to show the exact progress of your site that stakeholders can see the very same day!
  • Inspect - Quickly and easily take photos of hard to reach areas anywhere on your job site
  • Marketing - Want to show what the view from the 12th floor will be like before you've laid the foundations? Or show case your finished work from on-high? We can help you get exactly the material you need to showcase your vision.