Real Estate Services

Why use Rocky Sky?

  • Fast - Get your images the same day as they are taken!
  • Professional - High Resolution images and 4k video mean your sites will look amazing online or in print.
  • Affordable - Low rates with professional results. I guarantee you'll be satisfied with my service.
  • Accountable - Fully FAA 107 certified for commercial use and insured for $1,000,000 during all flights.
  • Experience - 15 years of digital photo/video production and 3 years flying with drones, and flying commercially as long as it has been legal for non-pilots.

Aerial photography give your listings something you just can't get from shooting on the ground.
Real Estate packages start at $150.

From the ground

From the air

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By showing off the amazing scenery around your property, we can give your clients a much better view of their new home.

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Some properties can only be shot properly from the air due to the terrain around them. Don't miss out on displaying the whole property.

Highlight the neighborhood and surrounding area

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Give your high-rise listings a perspective unobtainable by earth bound photography!